Nioh Review – Enter The World Of Dark Souls

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nioh review

There are plenty of video games based on dark souls but Nioh is the one that involves a lot of Dark souls. We do hear the phrase “Dark Souls” for many video games but for Nioh it is more accurate. The game is demanding for sure but you will enjoy reaching its labyrinthine levels that are full of thrilling and exciting secrets. Nioh is basically an action-role playing the game that has rocked the world with its incredible dark soul concept. The game has been successfully developed by Team Ninja for the gaming platform PlayStation 4. Released date is February 2017 and Sony Interactive Entertainment published the game worldwide. Gameplay is pretty simple and mainly focused on navigating levels where you are asked to kill the monsters that have entered in a certain area.

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As a player when you go through, dark souls based combat you will come to know the value of patience as well as defense. Each level has a lot to teach and you will come to know deep about yourself and the monsters. The Team Ninja has done a great job with the game and in our Nioh review; we do appreciate their continuous efforts for 4 years. Development of the game began in 2004 but for nearly 8 years, Kou Shibusawa (producer) was not satisfied with the progress of the game. Team Ninja finally opted for the completion of the project and it took nearly 4 years to make subsequent development.

Action driven gameplay will surely reward the players with awesome dexterity and tactics. You will die many times but still, the game presents highly rich solutions in order to overcome the presented hurdles. Without any doubt, the game will act as a perfect source of entertainment for all the players who love enjoying dark souls based video games.

nioh review

Nioh perfectly displays the love of Koei Tecmo towards Sengoku period. He has made sure all the minute aspects have been taken care of and the application of William Adams as the unusual foreign point will certainly add a lot more freshness and fun to the game.

Frequent death is an integral part of the game and it will not only justify the regular failure of the players but also toughness of competitive levels. Awesome recurring musical theme perfectly matches with the incredible ruin and corpse of the game. Used graphics are pretty awesome and surely the best in the world of dark soul games. You will definitely enjoy the deadly attacks and will try to combat them with a unique strategy every time. The more you read out Nioh Review game, more you learn about the basic aspects. The game is uncomplicated for sure but you are required to spend time and effort in order to come up with a winning strategy. It has been tough going for many gamers till date but still, they do love the game and try to kill out the monsters in their free time.

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First Post and Recovery After Amputation …

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This video is how I stay motivated

So.. I decided to start this new blog due to an unfortunate life event…

After the amputation, you are faced with emotions that may send you mind in many directions. You must understand that these emotions are real. You body has changed and you must deal with these changes. The most important thing right now is a strong support system. You need the guidance of someone that has been through this process and has come out of it a stronger person.

An amputee who has successfully navigated the pitfalls is the most qualified to give you the guidance you need. Find this person and you are well on your way to recovery. Most amputees have a unique story and have dealt with the amputation in different ways. The main thing is for the new amputee is to return too as normal a life as possible. What is normal? By normal I mean that you are back to normal daily activities. This first thing you will encounter is the pity of your family. You family means well, but they are in no way qualified to really help you through that emotional ride you are on. They try to tell you that everything will be ok. They really do not have a clue.

The amputee you find for help has been there and accomplished what you see as the impossible. He has been on the ride, and knows the pitfalls and rewards of a successful recovery. Not every amputee will recover at the same rate, however, if you are still in the bed after two months, you really need help. The only exception is a medical reason. My organization has the goal for the amputee to be fitted with a temporary prosthetic device before he wakes form the surgery. This helps the amputee in the first stage of recovery by easing the trauma of the loss. Although this is not always medically possible, it is a big help. Just the thought of something replacing the lost limb is emotional uplifting.

As you heal and are fitted for your first prosthetic device, you will find that the residual limb has sensations your body is not recognizing. This is a normal response and you must not let these feelings stop you. You will experience pain. You must be able to learn what this pain is caused by and how to deal with it. Most of the pain you will feel is like putting on a new pair of shoes, or doing some exercises and using some muscles you have not used in a while. The first day of those shoes or exercises, you feel some muscle pain that is not associated with a trauma. In other words, it hurts but will go away in a day or two. If you resist this pain and work on through it everything will be all right in a while. If you do not resist and quit, you will be bound to a wheelchair or bed. This is a choice thing. You must choose.

The pain you feel should not be caused by any trauma. If your residual limb becomes blistered or even real red form chafing, you should go to the person making your device, and have it adjusted. Sometimes these adjustments are required for weeks. Sometime only once will do the job. What ever it takes to get it right, must be done in order for you to resume normal function.

I have had legs that required many adjustments. That is not to say they were not good to start with, it simply means that the stump changed some between the time the leg was made and the time I put it on. Your stump is a funny thing. As your body responds to the changes of an amputation, the stump responds in many different ways. We will look more at that in the next article. Please remember the first and foremost thing in your recovery is to realize that your life really will not change very much. I know this sounds funny to you, however the truth is you will be as normal as you choose to be and will function and overcome the little things.